Tim Forsythe

 Piano, Keys, Fiddle, Sax & Flute

Tim Forsythe was born in Akron Ohio and raised in Austin Texas. He took Bach lessons at age 12, toured Texas during 80s, picked up fiddle, flute and sax while playing keyboards for bands such as Bobby Compton and the Cockeyed Cowboys, and recently The Big Fat Steve Band here in California. Born Country did an extensive search in California in the summer of 2018, only to find Tim in there very own backyard, who had just recently moved back to California from Arizona.
Tim handles all the duties on the Piano Keyboards, Fiddle and Saxophone for the band. He also plays the Flute. Tim has become a bit of a spotlight in the band because of an accident that happened, when a drunk driver lost control of his car and ran him over, as he was walking near a freeway off ramp. The accident put Tim in the hospital for three months and left him with a permanently frozen wrist.
Tim thankfully recovered but he lost the ability to play the fiddle normally. So he custom built a stand, and re-learned to play the instrument like as the band lovingly calls it, “The Baby Cello.”