Hey Born Country Fans… It’s been a while! We all hope you are doing well! Born Country and BC3PO have been very busy with gigs in 2019 and haven’t really had much of a chance to do a proper update in the news as we should. We’ll try to be better at it in 2020. First of all Born Country would like to welcome Jennifer Altena to the band as our new bass player! Jen joined the band in January after auditioning. We are excited to have her on board as she brings a fresh new feel, and new music to Born Country. Jennifer learned over 50 songs in 3 weeks and rehearsed with us many times and is ready for all the performances we have coming up throughout 2020! In November of 2019 Micheal Cappetta decided to retire and finished out 2019 with us. Michael simply felt is was time to rest a little as he has played music all his life… however, you still might see Micheal once in a while performing with Kenny Hale, who performs a fantastic Neil Diamond Tribute. Tim has also left the band and is performing mostly personal solo shows, and is doing a few sit ins with other local bands. We do wish both Michael and Tim well. Born Country performed Sunday February 16th, at the Black Marlin in Tustin, and Michael and Tim both played with us. We all had a great time on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Orange County! As always… we thank and appreciate all of our fans and followers. More news to come some!

Lots of Love to all of you!